The Mayhew Cabin Foundation wishes to express deep sadness at the passing of former docent, Marge Jordan. Marge was a delightful, loyal, unassuming lady. For many years, Marge and her husband Bob, were dedicated friends of the museum. May they both rest in peace.


It is with deep regret that we announce the Mayhew Cabin Museum is closed indefinitely due to severe damage to the museum site and structures caused by the City of Nebraska City’s persistent negligent drainage onto the museum site, and the city’s refusal to accept responsibility for their negligence.

The following video details a series of events that culminated with the closure of the site.

Or you can navigate to the Flooding Information page to read about what has transpired.

Please contact Cathleen at [email protected] with ideas or offers of assistance, and/or contact the City of Nebraska City to demand mitigation and reparations to the Mayhew Cabin museum site so that this unique and important historic site can reopen!

Your support and assistance are valued and appreciated!


Experience History

Prior to closure, the Mayhew Cabin with John Brown’s Cave Museum in Nebraska City interpreted the history of the Underground Railroad in Nebraska.  The Mayhew Cabin was the first site in Nebraska to be recognized by the National Park Service’s Network to Freedom.

National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom

Network to Freedom:  Nebraska’s Underground Railroad Trail

A self-directed driving tour was developed for Nebraska’s Network to Freedom sites.  You can view or download the Network to Freedom Underground Railroad Trail brochure and map by clicking on the following link.

Network to Freedom Trail