A membership to the Mayhew Cabin with John Brown's Cave Museum signifies your commitment to keeping this important history alive for future generations.  Your commitment to the Mayhew Cabin is appreciated! 

To become a member, you can complete our online membership application, or you can mail a check to: 

Mayhew Cabin Foundation
2012 4th Corso
Nebraska City, NE  68410

Please include your name, contact information, and preferred membership level.  Feel free to let us know if you would like to remain anonymous.

The various membership levels are detailed below.  

Standard Membership

  • Individual - $10
  • Family - $25

Patron Membership

  • Passenger - $50
  • Corporate -$75
  • Patron - $150
  • Benefactor - $250
  • Major Corporate - $500
  • Conductor - $1000
  • Freedom Fighter - $5000

2021 Members:

1. David and Cathleen Van Winkle, Major Corporate
2. Thomas (Brad) Mayhew, Major Corporate
3. Mary Langhorst, Individual
4. Jerome and Suzanne Martin, Passenger
5. Preston and Sylvia Shires, Individual
6. Gail Wurtele, Individual
7. Elizabeth and Gregory Soenen, Passenger
8. Sallye Benecke, Patron
9. G. Galin and Carol L. Berrier, Passenger
10. Teresa L. Hamilton, Individual
11. Amber Jenkins, Individual
12. Erin Rhian, Passenger
13. Dexter Myers (Pacific Engineering, Inc.), Corporate
14. Joshua Christolear (The Heartland Legal Group, LLC) Corporate
15. Joshua J. Schroeder, Individual


2020 Members:

To those that have not been personally thanked due to time constraints during this hectic time, please know that the Mayhew Cabin appreciates you and your support!

1. Katie Henze, Individual+
2. Amanda Freestone, Family
3. Matthew Mayhew, Passenger
4. Martha Kennedy, Individual
5. Cynthia Johnston, Passenger
6. Jayme Slov, Family
7. Brad Mayhew, Major Corporate
8. Rachel Swank, Family
9. Dr. Spencer Davis and wife Vivian, Patron
10. Mickey Martin, Family
11. Michael Martin, Individual

We would also like to recognize the Wirth Foundation for their generous support. A contribution from the foundation made it possible to make necessary repairs to the Mayhew cabin.

2019 Members:

1. Phil and Teresa Walker, Family
2. Dr. Glenn Mitchell, Sr., Family
3. Lucille Sharp, Individual
4. Jim and Sue Quinn, Family
5. Dorris Sackles, Individual
6. Dr. Laurence, Falk, Family
7. Gary Jenkins, Passenger
8. Sharon Hersemann, Family
9. Paul and Kay Fish, Family
10. Mary Langhorst, Individual
11. Rick Freshman, Family
12. Colin and Teresa Albers, Passenger
13. Galin Berrier, Family
14. Preston and Sylvie Shires, Individual
15. Tim and Carol Crook, Family
16. Duane Smith, Passenger
17. Ruth McMaster, Family
18. Cathleen Briley/David Van Winkle, Benefactor
19. Arbor Country Cleaning and Restoration (Gregg and Angi Dixon), Corporate
20. Gail Wurtele, Individual
21. Judy Rowe, Family
22. Dr. Spencer and Vivian Davis, Corporate
23. Dr. Lowell Soike, Individual
24. Bill Coulter, Passenger
25. Sallye Benecke, Corporate
26. Jacklyn Hale, Individual
27. Mary Ann Waller, Major Corporate