October 29 - The Haunted Village
The Mayhew Cabin hosted a Halloween Event on Friday, October 29, from 6-8 p.m. Kids and adults enjoyed walking through the cave and visiting the "haunted village." The museum had over 40 people in attendance.

August 28 - Public Auction
As part of the museum's deaccession process, the site held a public auction on Saturday, August 28 at 10:30 A.M. Over 600 items were sold that day by the Brooke & Francis Auction Company. The entire sale went well with most attendees pleased with their purchases.

July 25 - Membership Drive
Dr. Sara Crook portrayed Barbara Mayhew for the membership program. The Mayhew Cabin had several people become new members as part of the membership drive. Memberships are still available and you can become a member of the Mayhew Cabin museum at only $10 for one year or check for other levels.

July 21- Book Signing
C. LaRene Hall, author of Martha's Freedom Train, hosted a book signing at the museum. She was able to promote her book to local residents and share her story that the site was the inspiration for her work.

June 26 - Juneteenth Celebration
The site hosted its annual Juneteenth event on Saturday, June 26th. J Civil War reenactors held several skirmishes throughout the day and Butch Bouvier discussed woodworking . Fred Nielsen of the Nebraska Humanities Council presented the program “Completing, Remembering, and Forgetting the Civil War," which informed people how difficult it was to make peace after the conflict. It was the most successful Juneteenth Celebration at the Mayhew Cabin to date with 110 people in attendance.

May 22 - Grand Opening Ceremony
The museum held a ribbon cutting ceremony to commemorate its new exhibits. Over 35 people were in attendance for the ceremony including several dignitaries. Lieutenant Governor Rick Sheehy, Network to Freedom Grant Administrator (NPS) Mary Krause, and Nebraska State Historical Society Director Michael Smith each gave a few remarks about the important story the Mayhew Cabin tells and its relation to Nebraska history. Other honored guests included Senator Brenda Council, Arlene Easter and Nancy Lutz of the Wirth Family Foundation, and Otoe County Commissioner Rick Freshman. The public was impressed with the set up of the new exhibits, which focus on the history of slavery in America and the development of the Underground Railroad. Ribbon cutting ceremony with Senator Council and Lieutenant Governor Sheehy. Jim Morgans spoke at successful fundraiser. Mr. James Morgans spoke on March 28th after the spaghetti feed. He highlighted the Underground Railroad on the western frontier and the commitment people had to fight slavery in the West. He has written two books available at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

February 4 - Black History Month program
Linda & Thom Rosenblum gave a brief history of the Brown v. Board of Education decision. The speakers were from the National Historic Site in Topeka, Kansas.
The event was sponsored by PSC's Phi Alpha Theta chapter & Black Student Union along with the Mayhew Cabin. Linda Rosenblum explained how the Brown decision was interpreted through editorial cartoons.